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This is a experience for entrepreneurs who DESIRE to scale up their business to their BIG DREAM!

Take a moment to consider how much you are willing to commit to and invest in energy and resources to create a space where you CAN achieve your dreams!  Here you will find all the courses offered through my WOW Coach Academy.  Learning is the key to success in any endeavor.  

Angel Thacker

Angel is a Spiritual Entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area (CA) with more than 30 years as a practicing Intuitive Life Coach, delivering sessions to thousands of individuals and groups worldwide.  

In addition to her decades of service as a like coach, she has worked in traditional corporate positions in the high tech energies of the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley during the height of technology booms. Her experiences ranges from front line production to multi tier management, working in high tech, high finance, bio-tech, fitness and retail.  Her passion for maintaining a high level of experitise drove her to continue her education and maintain her relavence on markeing and business trends.  As an entrepreneur she has launched 5 successfull web based businesses and has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs launch and rebrand their busineses as WOW Coach Angel. 

Her credentials include: MBA, certifications in MS Office, Adobe Suite, Life Coach, Project Management.

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From Angel ~ 

When I decided to create WOW Coach Academy I wanted to give the students the easiest and best solutions to help build that tool box I'm always talking about. There are so many things to learn as a business owner.  I spend alot of time reading and listening to books, reading articles and attending learning workshops.  I find they all have value and are extremely necesarry! 

There are 2 ways for you to engage with me here.  

1.  Through Media viewing and readling artles, blogs and videos.  This content is free and I encourage you to visit often and contact me if you have any questions or topics you'd like me to cover!

2.  Courses, Clinics, and Programs.  These are the paid learning options that dive deeper and are designed to bring you more comprehensive support. 

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* excerpt from Angel's Power of Lead Management clinic.

Get in front of more potential clients that are looking for what you provide

The power of effective Lead Management!

The hardest part of buidling a business can be creating a funnel of potential clients to present and sell goods and services to.  This is also the most important part of building and sustaining a successful business.  

There are two ways to establish a solid funnel of potential clients:

  1. Is what I call THE HUSTLE.  This is the hard work we do to get in front of people to talk about and sell our brand.  That is by going networking events, attending trade shows, doing demonstrations, buying mail lists and other hands in the field activities.

  2. The second is to build effective lead management processes by developing a lead funnel and managing your leads using a CRM solution.

Time is the most critical element you have in your tool chest and you must use it wisely in your focus on taking your business to great heights.  The Hustle is old technology.  It works but it is exhausting and time-consuming and often we don't get the return on investment we're hoping for.

Generated leads  ~ Hot, Warm & Cold

CRM Solutions

Potential Clients


Know your audience!

It's not enough to have a vision.  It is important to be the solution that solves a problem for a group of people. n Check out Angel's blog, vlog and podcast to get this and other free topics that will help evolve your business!

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